December 29, 2022

2023-03-15 | 17:24:47

"We've used Barr twice in two years and both times we were very happy with the work done. The first was a heat pump hot water heater installation and the second was a plumbing leak. We'll use them again in the future."
June 13, 2022

Bryan Smithey | 2022-06-08 13:47:22

"Barrs Plumbing they are the best. They always do what they say and they do it right, thanks for all your help."
February 23, 2022

2022-03-18 | 16:28:59

"Excellent service! Used them for new home construction and several projects afterwards."
February 22, 2022

2022-03-18 | 16:29:28

"Barr Plumbing has been to my house for repairs and replacements quite a bit, and I have been very impressed with their professional and thorough work. The plumbers are prompt, courteous, clean, and they explain all the work they are doing including options for different materials, etc."
December 16, 2021

2022-05-18 | 17:45:56

"Outstanding service, nothing to clean up on my end after they did their work. Great people who provide wonderful professional service."