The Risks of Do-It-Yourself Drain Cleaning

Dealing with a clogged drain is a common nuisance that people struggle with daily. To help get rid of a clogged drain, you have various options, including calling a licensed plumber or trying to clean and clear out the drain on your own. While cleaning out a drain may not seem like a significant challenge, risks can always come with trying to do this on your own. You should be aware of various risks before trying to repair or clean out a clogged drain. 

Bacteria Leading to Illnesses

One of the questions that people will ask when it comes to drain cleaning is can you get sick from cleaning a drain? If you have a persistent clog, particularly if it is clogged due to food particles, there is a chance that salmonella or E.coli could have accumulated in the drain. If this is accidentally digested or gets into the bloodstream, it could cause some serious illnesses. 

Dangerous Gases

Many may wonder, "Is it dangerous to clean my drain myself?" Another factor to consider is the dangerous gases that can develop in a clogged drain. If food or other natural particles are stuck in your drain, they are bound to start to decay over time. Eventually, this decay can cause the development of harmful gases such as ammonia and methane. If you are not careful, these could cause various safety hazards as you are trying to clear out the sink. These gases can be made even worse if you are trying to use certain drain-cleaning chemicals. 

Accidentally Cause Damage

While some health-related risks and hazards come with repairing and cleaning out a drain, those that try to do this work on their own could also accidentally cause damage to the drain. Drain cleaners, snakes, and other tools found in home improvement and repair stores can effectively clear drains in some situations. However, they could also cause damage if they are not used properly. While you may have only had a small clog to start, making a mistake and causing damage could lead to damaged pipes, cracks, and other challenges that are more costly to resolve. 

Overall, for those looking to clean out a drain, it is often a good idea to leave the work to the professionals. While it may seem like a simple task, DIY cleaning is not typically as effective, and it comes with various risks. There are several reasons why cleaning out your drains on your own can be risky. 

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