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How Do You Back Up a Sump Pump?

After water floods into your basement, as a homeowner you are left with the cost of repairing water damage to your flooring, walls and furniture—not to mention the fact that you may lose valuables stored in your basement. If you have insurance, you may be spared the worst of the impact on your wallet. But […]

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What’s the Most Common Reason for Sump Pump Failure?

If your Columbus, IN home has a basement, it’s likely you have a sump pump. Although sump pumps are a safeguard against basement flooding, sometimes they fail to do their job and can even cause flooding issues. Understanding what a sump pump is and how it works allows homeowners to recognize failures as well as […]

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How Do I Back Up My Sump Pump?

Your sump pump does an important job: it protects your home against flooding when there’s been heavy rains and snow runoff. Sump pumps in Columbus, IN are usually located in the basement, where floodwater collects first. When working properly, your sump pump helps divert the water away from your basement and foundation, keeping your home […]

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