Your Sump Pump Maintenance Guide

If you have a sump pump, it needs to be checked and maintained just like any other system or appliance in your house. Spring can overwhelm your sump pump, thanks to the heavy rains and melting snow, which makes it the perfect time to give your sump pump a once-over—and call a plumbing company in Columbus, IN if you notice any problems.

Your sump pump has an average lifespan of about 10 years, although that can be extended with regular professional maintenance. Here’s how to check to make sure everything is in working order:

  • Perform the sniff test: Does your basement—especially the sump pump—have a strange odor? If your device doesn’t pass the sniff test, there’s probably something lurking in the sump pump trap. Use a mixture of five parts water to one part bleach to clean out the basin and the trap, then fill the basin with water to eliminate the odor. If it persists, you may need to call in the pros.
  • Clear out any debris: You should be cleaning out your sump pump quarterly—debris can find its way into your pump and interfere with the float, which will impede its ability to detect and drain water. Be sure to fill up the basin to ensure that it’s draining properly.
  • See if the impeller is clogged: The impeller is a filter bolted to your sump pump, and when it’s clogged, it can make a whining or screeching noise, or cause the pump to stop working altogether. Clean the filter to see if that solves the problem, then call a plumber for further assistance.
  • Check the check valve: Which direction is the arrow on the check valve pointing? It should be pointing away—if not, it may drain the water, but then allow it to flow back into the basin.
  • Make sure the weep hole is clear: The weep hole is a tiny hole near the check valve, which can be cleaned with a pin or a toothpick. Be careful not to let anything break off and clog the weep hole. (Note that not all sump pumps have a weep hole, so if you don’t see one, don’t worry.)
  • Make sure the power supply is still working: Finally, check your sump pump’s power supply. (This should also be done quarterly.) Make sure the cord is connected to the sump pump as well as an electrical power source. You might also consider investing in a backup generator for those times when heavy storms cause you to lose power.

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