How Do I Deal with Tree Roots in a Drain Line?

One of the most vital components of any building, whether it’s a residential or commercial space, is a working sewer line. This is what connects your home or office to the local sewage system.

When this line stops working, the symptoms start to show up faster than you expect and require immediate attention. If tree roots are impacting your sewer line, repair services and drain cleaning in Columbus, IN will clear up the issue.

Roots cannot break into sewer lines

When clients get in touch with us about sewer line repair in Columbus, IN, they sometimes mistakenly assume the roots of a tree or shrub have broken this pipe. This is a common misconception. Yes, roots can negatively affect your sewer line, but they cannot actually cause the initial crack or hole that allows them to enter the pipe itself. An existing crack or hole must be present for the roots to invade your sewer line.

So, how do roots impact my drain line?

For plants to thrive, they require both oxygen and moisture. Beneath the ground, plant roots seek out sources for both of these necessary nutrients. A cracked sewer line is the perfect place to settle if you are a thirsty root. Existing damage to the line will get worse as the roots grow bigger. If left unaddressed, roots can grow so densely in your sewer line that the entire system becomes blocked.

A root ball, however, can crack or break a sewer line. A tree planted above a sewer line will grow a substantial root ball within a few years. As the root ball gets larger and heavier, it puts additional pressure on the line. Given enough time, this weighty tangle of roots will breach your sewer line.

Options for repairing your sewer line

Perhaps roots have entered your sewer line and are causing a partial or full blockage. Depending on the extent of the damage, you have some options:

  • Cut roots out: This temporarily addresses the problem by employing a sewer machine with a root cutting attachment connected via a cable. Eventually, you’ll have to repeat this process, because cutting the roots out does not address the break in your sewer line.
  • Chemical treatment: There are products available that will kill the roots in your sewer line, but many of these will corrode the pipe further, thus exacerbating the problem. This method is only recommended if there are only root hairs or small roots growing in the line.
  • Replace the line: The best way to fix a cracked or broken sewer line is to replace any damaged portions. Physical and chemical methods for root removal offer temporary relief. Complete sewer line repair in Columbus, IN is the only option for a permanent solution.

At Barr Plumbing Service, Inc., we recommend drain cleaning in Columbus, IN after repairing a sewer line. This allows us to test the integrity of the line and address any other issues. We provide upfront quotes and estimates along with the highest quality of plumbing services. Contact us now if you have questions about your malfunctioning sewer line.

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