Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler?

When something goes wrong with a boiler, it’s always a stressful situation. Especially if you don’t have a plumbing contractor you trust, it can be difficult to decide whether to give up on a tired old appliance or to invest in boiler repair. When is repair worth it, and when is it time to move on? The experts at Barr Plumbing Service, Inc. in Columbus, IN can help you navigate your options by answering the following questions.

How old is your boiler?

The older your boiler is, the more expensive it will be to repair. Once a boiler reaches the 10-year mark, it’s safe to say that it’s not as efficient as many new boilers available today. If you have a younger boiler, around seven years old or newer, it’s probably worth investing in boiler repair. Most boilers come with warranties that are good for at least two years. Some even have 10-year warranties, which could have a huge effect on your decision to repair or replace.

What boiler features are important to you?

Older boilers are generally bigger than newer models. Most modern boilers fit into a smaller space, which can be an incentive for replacing an old boiler that needs repairs. Older models also have fewer controls than newer boilers. New boilers also have options for smart heating thermostats. If you’re interested in smart heating, it might be time to replace your old boiler.

What is the condition of your boiler?

Age isn’t everything. The condition of your boiler should also be a consideration when deciding whether to repair or replace it. If your boiler is 10-plus years old but has always run smoothly with no issues and has a simple or inexpensive problem that needs fixing, you might consider boiler repair despite the age of the unit. If you have an older boiler that’s always breaking down, that may be a good reason to replace it. Your plumbing contractor will be able to offered their informed opinion and advice.

How much will your decision cost?

Obviously, if a boiler repair is going to cost more than the boiler is worth, it’s time to replace it. Don’t waste money constantly repairing a boiler that’s on its last legs. Even if a boiler won’t cost too much to repair, you should consider how much it’s costing you in other ways. If your boiler is rated below A, it may be costing you a ton of money in energy inefficiency. You might even save money getting rid of a boiler that needs minor repairs by replacing it with a new A-rated boiler.

How much time do you have?

Both boiler replacement and repair take time for a plumbing contractor to complete. However, if the time and inconvenience is a critical issue for you, know that boiler repair is far less invasive and time consuming than entirely replacing a boiler.

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