Does My Sewer Line Need Replacing?

Sewer line problems can sometimes be hard to diagnose. They may come in the form of clogged sinks or toilets, but those can also be caused by many other issues. There are, however, plenty of signs to watch out for when you suspect a problem with your sewer line. Strange smells, inconsistent toilet water levels and seemingly random pools of water in your yard could all be signs of a broken sewer line.

If you suspect a problem, then it’s important to contact a Columbus, IN plumber specializing in sewer line repair. A broken sewer line could cause any number of issues to your home, including water damage and insect infestations. It’s best to get any sewer line issues taken care of as soon as possible.

Have you noticed strange smells?

Strange odors in your home could mean a broken sewer line. This is usually only the case if the odor smells like sewer gas or something similar. These smells are often the result of sewer gas leaking through cracks in broken sewer lines. Not only are these smells annoying, but they are also bad for your health.

Look at your lawn

There are several issues that may arise with your yard if your sewer line is broken. Check for any pools of water in your yard. These pools could be caused by a broken septic system that’s leaking water into your lawn. Broken sewer lines could also cause water to pool or create extra moisture near the areas where they are cracked.

Patches of noticeably greener grass in your yard could also be the sign of a broken sewer line. The nutrient-rich sewage seeping from a cracked sewer line could actually be helping certain areas of your lawn thrive.

Are clogs more frequent?

Frequent clogging in toilets and sinks is also a common symptom of a sewer line issue. Since clogs are quite common for a variety of reasons, though, it can be hard to tell if a sewer line problem is actually the cause. You may want to try some standard methods of clearing a clog first, including snakes or plungers. Drain cleaning chemicals should usually be avoided, as they can further damage your pipes.

If clogs persist after using a snake or plunger, then you may have a sewer line issue. Slow drainage in sinks and showers might also signal problems with your sewer line.

How are the water levels in your toilets?

Check to see if the water levels in your toilets are consistent. Toilet levels that differ from day to day are sometimes caused by broken sewer lines. If you suspect a broken sewer line, then keep an eye on the water level in all your toilets. When caused by a broken sewer line, the difference in toilet water levels will usually be quite noticeable.

The best way to avoid any damage to your home and further damage to your sewer line is by calling a plumbing service in Columbus, IN for sewer line repair. Broken sewer lines can result in expensive damage if not taken care of quickly.

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