How Can I Tell if My Sump Pump Isn’t Working Properly?

While water in your basement is a sure sign that your sump pump isn’t working, how can you tell if your sump pump is working efficiently? On a sunny day, an inefficient sump pump really isn’t a problem. On days where the rain won’t seem to let up, however, you could be unexpectedly surprised by flooding in your basement.

Here are some of the signs you may need sump pump maintenance at your home:

Bad odors

One of the key signs indicating you need sump pump or sewer maintenance is a foul smell coming from your basement. If a sump pump isn’t working as it should, water can’t drain from a basement as quickly as it should. It creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. If you’ve noticed unpleasant mold and mildew smells coming from your basement, it’s important to get the issue resolved immediately. It’s not just an unpleasant inconvenience in your everyday life—it can be very hazardous for your health.

Unexpected sounds

Sump pumps shouldn’t be running so loudly that they distract you from going about your day. If you notice a whining, moaning or banging sound from your sump pump, it’s a sign that a component may be failing, and some expert attention is needed. Don’t hesitate to call your trusted repair technician, since strange noises are a sure sign that the appliance is wearing out or breaking down.

Visible rust

Rust on a sump pump can actually be a sign of bacteria. This type of bacteria is called iron bacteria, and it causes a gel-like discoloration on sump pumps. While not dangerous to humans, the gel can ruin the pump and other plumbing in your house.

Failure to run during rain

During heavy rains, a sump pump should always be running. If not, you’ll likely have some sort of issue, from standing water to all-out floods. Check to see if the switch is stuck and, thus, keeping your pump from running. If that’s not the cause of the issue, you need to have the appliance checked by an expert. Also, if you notice that the water won’t drain as fast as it comes in, this is another sign that sump pump or sewer maintenance is required.

Running while dry

Sump pumps should not run constantly, especially when there’s no rain or water to pump out of a basement. If you notice that your pump is running even while dry, the usual cause is an incorrect pump installation. Alternatively, there could be a clog somewhere in the pump. Your best bet is to disconnect the pump for the time being and call your local sump pump technician to ensure that the pump is safe to use.

Many homeowners require a sump pump to drain water from a basement or crawlspace. This essential appliance keeps a home dry and prevents flooding, water damage and even mold growth. If you notice your pump isn’t working exactly as it should, you should waste no time calling in the professionals for sump pump maintenance. Contact Barr Plumbing Service, Inc. today to get to the root of the issue and return your pump to fully-functional condition.

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