Your Ultimate Spring Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

The spring season comes with many things to do and check. From gardening to cleaning and repairing the AC, the list is endless. Your spring cleaning should involve inspecting your plumbing system to ensure proper water flow and wastewater disposal. If you just moved into a new home, the process may sound daunting, and you may be asking, “what should I do for maintenance for my plumbing in the spring?” If this is your problem, here is the ultimate spring plumbing maintenance checklist that you can follow.

Check for Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet can be dangerous as it can cause massive damage to your home. Go around your house and look for leaks in the tank and bowl. If everything looks fine, drop about five drops of colored food dye into the tank and wait to see if the dye ends up in the toilet bowl. If you see any color, you could have a leak in the system. Call your plumber and schedule a system check-up immediately.

Maintain Your Water Heater

As a general rule, if your water heater system is older than 15 years, it might be time to replace it. However, it’s still part of the checklist because it needs proper maintenance, even if it’s just two years old. Be sure to move everything around the water heater away from the unit to increase efficiency. Check that the settings don’t go higher than 120 degrees to ensure you don’t spend more than you should.

Check Your Pipes and Faucet

Check leaks in the faucets in your home by turning them on and off. If you notice water around the connections, something could be wrong. Get a plumber to check the leak, seal the areas the water was escaping from, and avoid further damage. Check other visible pipes for any signs of bulging or wear and tear and replace them immediately.

Inspect Your Appliances

Check for leaks in appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher. If the hoses are older than ten years or showing signs of wear and tear, replace them with stainless steel hoses that are durable and more reliable.

Test Your Sump Pump

Your sump pump is probably the last place you’d think about when checking your plumbing system around your home. To ensure it is working efficiently, you can test it by pouring a bucket of water into the pump silo. If it drains immediately and deactivates, it is in good condition. If it doesn’t, you need to call your plumber to check and address the problem.

Schedule a Professional Plumbing System Inspection

Your plumbing maintenance for the spring isn’t complete without a thorough system check by a professional plumber. If your home is older than ten years, you can schedule a full plumbing inspection, including pumping your septic tank. They can repair or install new systems to keep clean water and wastewater flowing properly to their rightful places.

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