Essential Sump Pump Maintenance Tips: How to Properly Maintain Your Equipment

Sump pumps are important for protecting your basement and thus your home from water damage. If a sump pump is not properly and regularly maintained, it could struggle to do its job. As a result, your home could end up damaged. Fortunately, regular maintenance will help your pump perform. If you notice any problems, catching them early may be the difference between a small issue and a major hazard.

Is there a right way to take care of a sump pump? In fact, yes, there are some specific steps you should follow for caring for and monitoring your sump pump. First thing is first, before working on the sump pump, you should unplug it. Motors and electronics can be dangerous, especially when water is involved.

How Do I Take Care of My Sump Pump? Step by Step Explanation

Once the sump pump is unplugged, you should check the basin and make sure that there is no debris. If there is debris, clean it out. The basin will collect water which is then pumped out and away from your house. Debris could interfere with the ability to collect water and could also damage the pump.

It’s smart to pull the pump out and inspect it. Again, make sure that the pump itself is unplugged. You’ll want to closely inspect the pump on a regular basis. While these pumps are often very durable and built to withstand water and other corrosive factors, they will wear down with time.

Make sure you check the inlet screen and clear any debris from it. If this screen gets clogged, it may prevent the sump pump from working. This, in turn, could result in flooding within your home.

Besides checking over the pump itself and the basin, you also need to closely inspect the discharge pipe and the surrounding area. This pipe is typically found outside of the home and will dispose of the water pumped out of your basement. Ideally, this water will flow away from your home and will not gather in a large puddle. Puddles could damage your home and create messes.

If the discharge pipe becomes jammed, it could reduce the effectiveness of your sump pump. So make sure you pay close attention to the pump and check on it regularly. If you’re cutting the grass or otherwise working outside, make a habit of checking the discharge pipe. And every time you check over the sump pump, take a moment to go outside and check the discharge pipe.

You should also read the owner’s manual for any equipment you have. Sometimes, you may need to take specific steps to maintain a piece of equipment. With some sump pumps, for example, you need to lubricate the bearings. With other sump pumps, this isn’t typically necessary.

It’s also wise to observe the sump pump while it’s working. While you should be careful and not handle the pump directly if it’s plugged in, observation can go a long way. You can also grab a bucket and pour water into the basin to observe the pump in action.


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