The Maintenance Of Water Softeners

Water softeners are vital in many homes, but they require regular maintenance to function properly. If you’re unsure what to do when it comes time for water softener maintenance, don’t worry – we’re here to help! This blog post will discuss the basics of water softener maintenance and tell you what you need to do to keep your system running smoothly.

Do Water Softeners Need Routine Maintenance?

The short answer is yes. Water softeners do need routine maintenance to function properly. However, the good news is that this maintenance is relatively simple and can be easily performed by the homeowner.

How Do I Maintain My Water Softener?

It’s important to maintain your water softener to keep it working properly. You can do a few things to ensure your water softener lasts for years to come.

Check the Salt Level Regularly

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your water softener is to check the salt level regularly. Depending on the size and model of your unit, you may need to add salt every few weeks or months. Most units have a float switch that will shut off the unit when the salt level gets low, so it’s essential to keep an eye on it.

If your unit doesn’t have a float switch, you’ll need to check the salt level manually. To do this, simply remove the unit’s lid and look at the salt level in the brine tank. If it’s below the manufacturer’s recommended level, add more salt until it reaches the proper level.

Check the Water Level Regularly

If you have a water softener, it’s essential to check the water level regularly. The water should be at least half full for the softener to work properly. If the water level is getting low, you should add more water to the water softener. You can usually find a hose near the water softener unit. Attach the hose to the unit and turn on the water.

Clean the Unit Regularly

It’s essential to keep your water softener clean so that it can continue to function properly. You should clean the unit at least once a year, but more often if used frequently. To clean the unit, you will need to remove the mineral build-up from the inside of the tank. You can do this by using a brush and vinegar solution. Once the build-up has been removed, you should rinse the tank thoroughly with clean water.

Have the Unit Serviced Regularly

It’s important to have the unit regularly serviced to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. This will also help to extend its lifespan. Service typically involves descaling the unit, which can be done by a professional.

Service may also involve replacing the resin beads inside the unit. It’s important to note that these beads can be harmful if ingested, so it’s vital to take care when handling them. Service may also involve checking and replacing the filters in the unit. These filters should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the unit working properly.


Maintaining your water softener is essential to keep it working properly and extend its lifespan. If you have any questions about maintaining your water softener or if you need assistance with descaling or replacing the filters, contact Barr Plumbing Service, Inc. today. Our team of experts would be happy to help you keep your unit in top condition.

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