As the World Is Changing, so Is the Greywater System

Organizations and individuals continue to pursue more sustainable solutions for our world. As we turn to green systems and efficient methods, one of the emerging innovations is greywater systems. Trends for 2021 with greywater systems are emerging as one of the growing solutions to conserve and protect our resources.

Here’s the FAQ on this important conservation method:

What is a greywater system?

Greywater is gently-used water. This water has not been contaminated with human waste, as toilet water or other sewage sources have. Instead, it has been used for washing purposes. It may be water that was used for bathing or laundry. It may contain traces of dirt, cleaning products or food, but it can be reused for certain purposes.

If the greywater is not redirected, it flows down the drain and into the water systems; however, a greywater system captures this water for reuse.

What are safe uses for greywater systems?

Greywater is perfect for irrigating the lawn and watering the garden. In fact, greywater typically contains nutrients that make it a great fertilizer. That means greywater may be an even better solution for your lawn care than regular water.

What are the trends for 2021 with greywater systems?

Greywater systems are becoming more efficient and convenient, helping them grow in popularity. Three-way valves allow property owners to easily switch between the regular sewer system and the greywater system to direct the waterflow as desired. This gives homeowners the option to drain away anything they don’t want to put in their lawn and reuse as much greywater as possible.

Another innovative trend is gravity-based greywater systems. To reuse water from a washing machine, a gravity-based system can redirect the water into a yard irrigation system. It requires no machinery or pumps or any alterations to household plumbing. Similar systems can be used for directing greywater from showers and sinks to allow the water to flow naturally to the yard.

What are the benefits of a greywater system?

Homeowners can reduce their water bill by reusing greywater. It also helps reduce pollution in local water bodies. Plus, a greywater system can improve yard ecosystems for a healthier landscape and wildlife shelter.

Is a greywater system expensive?

Actually, no. Greywater systems are quite simple and affordable. Because they require only basic components, they are easy to install and feature a reasonable price tag. For example, the laundry greywater system mentioned previously costs between $150 and $300. For professional installation, this cost may increase to between $500 and $1500; however, the long-term benefits can be well worth the minor investment.

We know greywater systems

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