High-Demand Plumbing Technologies for 2021

Appliances are getting smarter. Fixtures are becoming more efficient. 2021 plumbing technology is taking this industry to new levels. What can you expect to see this year and in the near future?

Look to these smart technology improvements for efficiency and convenience like we’ve never seen before in the world of plumbing.

No-touch fixtures

This technology has been around for a while now, but the pandemic and concerns about germs have only helped its popularity grow. Touchless faucets, automatic cistern systems and sensor-activated soap dispensers are some of the most common no-touch innovations already in use. This 2021 plumbing technology helps reduce water usage and waste and may help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Smart toilets

Smart toilets can do more than flush themselves; they can also be equipped with several smart technology improvements for efficiency. The technology allows for automatic flushing as well as water-saving features, sensor-enabled lighting, overflow protection, self-deodorizing and self-cleaning features. In the future, toilets may be equipped with sensors that can analyze waste to help detect physical disorders and monitor your health. Now that’s smart!

Water-leak sensors

Even a small leak can cause incredible damage to a property. An overflowing washing machine or a burst pipe can devastate a home. Smart leak detectors sound an alarm when they sense a leak and can even send out an alert to the homeowner or other responders. These sensors can also alert the property owner to concerning conditions, such as freezing temperatures or high humidity, that could pose a threat to the integrity of the plumbing systems.

Remote irrigation

The latest in 2021 plumbing technology includes important developments for the agricultural world. Smart meters allow farmers to control the moisture content of their soil remotely. They can also monitor the weather and adjust irrigation as needed, from anywhere in the world. Additionally, automatic irrigation scheduling allows farmers to optimize water use and increase conservation.

Specialty tools

Plumbers may still use a wrench for repairs, but 2021 plumbing technology has placed far more advanced tools in the hands of these professionals. For example, a leak behind a wall used to require invasive procedures to find and fix the problem. Now plumbers can use specialty tools to detect the leak and avoid the need for extensive wall repairs.

Electronic interfaces

Many modern plumbing businesses are transitioning to electronic interfaces to schedule jobs, communicate with customers and manage billing. The company can easily notify customers via text that a technician is on the way and provide paperless invoices and payment options for customer convenience. This technology helps enhance customer service to reduce stress and hassle and make each project as easy as possible for the customer.

We know plumbing technology

At Barr Plumbing Service, Inc., our technicians use the latest innovations to deliver quality, efficient service, every time. We look to technology to improve our services and give our customers the most convenient solutions available. Contact us today with any questions about smart technology improvements for efficiency or to schedule your repair, installation or maintenance project. Reach our team at 812-376-9426.

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